Create your self-care/self-love recovery plan with this step by step 7-day video series $97. Ask and it is given! The universe is always looking for opportunities to give with no strings attached.  This information is from a life time of learning how to remain grounded, and well, despite my own triggers.  I purposely put it all in one accessible place, so it is available to anyone seeking solace from symptoms. No attachment to a guru, no strings period.  But you must commit to your own healing and follow these steps with every trigger to master your responses to experience long term relief.

The affiliate offerings on this site are affordable and compliment the recovery plan very well, but the choice always remains in your hands, as to what products feel right for you.

Learn hand and brain remapping technique's, which are fast effective approaches to removing emotional wounds and symptoms bound to negative thought patterns (triggers). Other proven healing modalities that work quickly are revealed to get you back on track quickly after triggers. Commit to your own self-care routine and follow along in the comfort of your own home utilizing this video over a 7-day period, during which time you will master and use these techniques throughout your life to feel more confident, happy and inspired, as well as learn how to thrive in ease. Each time you use the videos you are ensured to be thriving and back on track as soon as possible. 

The videos speak to how to overcome early trauma, and I use my personal journey specific with sexual abuse, however, the techniques transfer/crossover to any memories embedded in your mind/body/spirit.


Certified Energy Alignment Relationship Report - $45.00 

STEP-2 Once you have mastered your self-care technique, if you are in an unsatisfying relationship and you want to benefit in maintaining your pursuit of happiness by receiving a full relationship report.  You can decide if you want to keep investing in certain relationship's, or if you want to incline yourself in energy alignment to surround yourself with positive energy that is more energetically aligned with you and create your tribe of healthy supportive relationships.


Clairsentient Reading - $65 per hour (via video chat) $120 per hour in person (space clearing in home or office if needed) Remove money blocks, toxic influences etc.

As a Clairsentient these offers are live only to get a reading on any issue that you may be facing. I utilize the Angel Tarot, I Ching and Runes, to give an accurate timely reading. Video chat, or in person, this gift is only appropriate in real time.  As it tunes into what is going on, whether it be in a house or work space, oftentimes, simply replacing things in a different order or removing negative people or contents can shift how you function in any given space. 

Local and Online Support

Receive the same quality service through meet ups (at home, at the beach, or anywhere you are comfortable) or in the privacy of your own home via Video chat. Some coaches go for volume, I am not one of those coaches, I go for results so you can soar and do not need to come back again and again, however you are welcome to utilize the program over and over again until you reach mastery.

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