Crowdfunding Campaign

Anyone facing trauma issues or the effects of related triggers, needs the opportunity to rest and heal. The dream is to create a safe and affordable venue, where people can come and receive Healing Modalities, in a comfortable and safe environment. The vision is a healing venue, (house, yurts, houseboat) we are open to what the universe provides!  An AIR BnB style set up,  on/or close to the water, with plenty of outdoor space for relaxation, zero gravity massage chairs with access to headphones for calming meditations, a salt water floatation tank for sensory deprivation and whole body vibration machines.  The machines and tanks being available during business hours (the cottage style business)  and one of the bedrooms being available to guest's seeking healing vacations (the airbnb side of the business).

Educating the community on the benefits of these healing modalities will market the venue as a valuable community resource. Healing is a private matter so we are interested in helping one person at a time, to create real breakthroughs. Offering self-directed options, with the individual having access to create their own unique healing process that feels right for them.

This is a simple abundance endeavor. A simple yet comfortable private cottage style business.  We want to serve, rather than compete, as it is our core belief, that abundance means: there is enough for everyone!  As a donor, you will help us fulfill this vision.  Creating healthy people creates a healthy world. If you have an idea, want to give of your own talent or service to help make this vision a reality feel free to contact