Transforming Anger to Love

The journey is for most of us to transform each situation from a response of anger to one of our original gift of love. No matter when your path was circumvented by abuse we must have the courage and take responsibility for how we respond, standing up for ourselves in each situation that requires we do so. We must recognize the manipulative tactics of others quickly and learn how to remove ourselves from any situation that threatens our peace and joy. The self care routine from each modality provides the essential tools to maintain a self-care, self-love response to remaining free of any chains that may bind us.

Do yourself the honor of investing in the 28-day healing program to create the life you want and deserve, feel inspired and confident again, stop putting yourself and your needs behind the needs of others. Having a step by step guide on your journey can keep any source of sabotage at bay while you become a master of your own unique plan.